Distributed Wind Energy

For thousands of years, civilizations have captured and utilized kinetic energy from the wind. Wind mills were used to help perform everyday tasks such as milling grain and powering irrigation systems. Over time, windmills were soon used around the globe to aid in food production and generate electricity for home and industrial use.

During the industrial revolution wind mills fell out of favour but as time and technology evolved, wind power has experienced a resurgence in popularity. By choosing a Distributed Wind Energy solution, customers can:

  • Generate clean energy—reduce dependency on unsustainable energy sources
  • Save on the cost of power—reduce costs by generating your own power
  • Enjoy passive income—generate income from wind energy by selling wind power back to utilities

Today, wind turbines are used extensively around the globe and distributed wind power has been embraced by off-grid and remote communities, businesses, and rural landowners to meet their specific goals.


Off-grid and Remote Communities

As communities re-evaluate their power generation options, many are looking to renewable sources, such as wind energy, to displace or complement existing sources. Steadily increasing energy costs and a greater desire for self-sufficiency are fueling the sense of urgency.

With distributed wind energy, off-grid and remote communities can meet their energy needs without the need for diesel power. Small wind power provides a sustainable power source that reduces the cost of energy. With it, your community can:

  • Generate clean energy through highly efficient, low-maintenance wind-energy capture
  • Decrease dependency on unsustainable and costly energy sources with wind energy



Increasingly, forward-thinking businesses are looking to distributed wind energy solutions as a way to improve profitability. As operational expenses increase and budgets shrink, the ability to remain agile can make all the difference in ensuring business success.

With distributed wind energy, your business can reduce operating costs and tap into new revenue streams by:

  • Generating your own wind energy
  • Creating passive income by selling wind power back to utilities


Rural Landowners

Whether you’re running an agricultural operation or you own idle land, small wind power provides the opportunity to maximize the investment you’ve already made in your land.

With distributed wind, you can reduce the costs of power generation while increasing revenue from your land in these ways:

  • Generate your own wind energy
  • Enjoy passive income by selling wind power back to utilities


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