Glossary of Terms

These are commonly used terms within the wind energy solutions industry.

Annual Energy Production (AEP)

The amount of energy produced by a wind turbine on a yearly basis.

Community Windpower

Small wind turbine installations owned by the residents of a community. The wind energy generated can be used by the community and the excess wind power can be sold to a utility to generate income for the community.

Distributed Wind Energy

Wind energy generated by a wind turbine that is not owned or operated by a utility. Distributed wind systems function outside of grid power generation systems owned and used by utilities but can be connected if the owner intends to sell surplus power to the utility. Distributed wind is not defined by the size of the wind turbine and can range from single-digit kilowatt turbines to multi-megawatt turbines.

Feed-in Tariff (FIT)Programs

Initiatives developed by governments to encourage and support individual residents’ investment in renewable energy sources.

Kilowatt (kW)

1,000 Watts of electric power.

Kilowatt Hour (kWh)

A unit of energy equal to the work done by a power of 1000 Watts of energy operating for one hour

Off-grid Wind Power

Wind power that is not generated by or connected to a utility.

Shadow Flicker

Shadow flicker is a fluttering effect that occurs as a result of the sun hitting rotating turbine blades. It results in a brief shadow that may cast through building windows and cause annoyance.

Small Wind

A segment of the wind energy industry that uses or manufactures wind turbines under 100kW.


A public utility or power authority that is responsible for generating, transmitting, and distributing electricity to the mass market.

Wind Energy

The product of wind power captured by a wind turbine and converted to a usable form of energy.

Wind Farm

An installation of multiple wind turbines owned by a utility to produce energy for the grid. Wind farms may be located on land or offshore.

Wind Power

The conversion of wind into a productive form of energy.

Wind Turbine

A structure that converts wind energy into usable power.


A structure that is used to gather wind power to produce wind energy. Traditionally used in rural settings in North America and in Europe, wind mills have been used to generation power for water pumps and grain mills.