Small Wind Power

“Small wind” refers to a segment of the wind energy industry using or manufacturing wind turbines under 100kW.

Unlike larger wind turbines that are often associated with wind farms, small wind power is an ideal solution for off-grid and remote communities, businesses, and rural landowners. Small wind provides an affordable and manageable means to decrease dependency on unsustainable energy sources and to reduce the cost of power.

The use of small wind energy solutions has increased substantially over the past few years. Countries including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan and China continue to make substantial investments in small wind power as a way to offset the risks of relying solely on traditional utility-produced power. In Canada alone, sales of small wind turbines in 2011 increased 57% over 2010.*

Developments in turbine technology have contributed to the increasing popularity of this alternative. Small wind turbines today have a smaller footprint, are easier to install, require less maintenance, create less noise, and produce more energy than those of decades past.


*American Wind Energy Association 2011 U.S. Small Wind Market Report