Z75 – 75kW Dual Rotor Wind Turbine


ZEC Wind Power is revolutionizing small wind.

Through leading research and proven technology, the ZECWP Wind Turbine empowers off-grid and remote communities, businesses, and rural landowners to generate clean power while reducing the cost of energy.

ZEC Wind Power is unique for:

  • Return on investment—customers will see a higher return on their wind energy project with a market-leading payback period
  • Revolutionary turbine design—the dual-rotor, contra-rotating drivetrain sets a new standard for wind- energy capture and efficiency
  • Expertise—decades of electrical design and construction expertise within the ZEC Group of companies

That’s small wind power, reimagined.

Our small wind turbine technology addresses many of the shortcomings of today’s wind turbine technology and enables customers to see the highest possible return on their investment in renewable energy.

Our technology combines three unique capabilities that represent a major shift in small wind turbine design.

  • Proprietary Airfoils: Dual-rotor contra-rotating design allows for a large swept area and energy output.
  • Patented Drivetrain and Generator: Drivetrain design is part of a patent filed by ZEC Wind Power. Over the last 10 years, the proprietary generator has been tested in the most challenging applications and proven effective.
  • Dynamic Control System: State-of-the-art turbine controls manage the behavior of the entire system during all wind conditions. The control system is backed up by an extensive condition monitoring system and is adaptable to unique customer needs.